Boat Wrapping by Wrapido!


Boat Wrapping for the UK Nationwide and Europe.

Boat Wrapping in the UK has become the very latest vinyl application for boat owners looking for a colour change. Both for private and trade clients.

Particularly in the marine industry, whether you’re looking to update or re-brand your application. Never before has boat wrapping become the most cost effective solution for faded/UV damaged hull gelcoats in UK and Europe.

Not only is there a vast choice of colours available, yacht wrapping also offers great surface protection from weather abrasion for example, with formidable results.

Unquestionably we cater for all vessels ranging from sailing yachts to super yachts. Furthermore we also provide services for commercial vessels. For example ferry services looking for vinyl replacement.

We also understand not all boat owners stay in UK waters, rest-assured we ensure quality and a professional service experience throughout the UK Nationwide and Europe.

Wrapping consoles and interiors

Wrapido can apply a vinyl wrap to refresh any consoles or interior panels. just about anywhere! For example, complete vinyl wrapping for helms and cockpits. Including side panels and radar arches. Frosted vinyl is also available if you want to add privacy!

Boat Wrapping & Hull Wraps

Installing a boat hull wrap is a fast and effective solution for many applications in the marine industry. Wrapido can provide straight forward hull wraps to a crazy one-off vinyl wrap design. Have you an idea in mind? We bring your design ideas to life using leading marine products associated with boat wrapping. You can choose any colour for vinyl hull wraps and best of all the colour will last!

Vinyl applications

Vinyl wrapping is so versatile it can be applied almost anywhere! For example, transport re-branding or commercial operators requiring refreshed interiors and exteriors. More often than not we see vinyl applications in all industries which is why Wrapido can utilise and apply boat wrapping skills to cater for all clients in many industries.

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