Yacht Wrap on fast boat

About Wrapido

Vision to Reality is our mantra when it comes to yacht wrapping.

Wrapido was brought to fruition by our two directors. Who to date both still independently run and manage their own businesses in the marine industry. Between them, they saw the financial burden associated with repairing and re-branding any marine application. Not least logistically and certainly no quick fixes were available.

Because having over 30 years experience between them in the marine industry, they understand every client has their own style.

Therefore working closely with our clients, we have the ability to create a formidable vision. Simultaneously ensuring a professional, personal experience by providing custom yacht wrapping for all marine applications.

To put it briefly, You do the vision…we’ll do the reality.

For further information on vinyl wrapping. Click the button below, please be sure to include all your requirements.

To emphasise our craft, read on for a little more inspiration on our vinyl wrapping offered throughout the UK and Europe.

Yacht wrap on speed boat
Our world

Creating a vision for all clients is something we thrive on.

We welcome both leisure and commercial operators to get in touch with their vision. This includes all new boat manufacturers and leisure boat owners in the UK and Europe.

We encourage all to contact us to discover Wrapido’s professional service and experience.

Wrapido - power boats with vinyl decals on hulls at race day
To be versatile is the key

It’s common in our industry to see that not every job is the same as the last. Which is why we enjoy such variation.

Without question vinyl hull wraps are just as common as vinyl wraps on huge visible areas. For example you may require a temporary colour vinyl to hide unsightly backdrops, or just to brighten the area in question. Both in the leisure and commercial sector.

Wrapido - Formula boat with vinyl wrap colours red and black
`The rule of thumb'

A rule of thumb to follow in vinyl wrapping. If the application is flat and this includes curved surfaces, free of contamination, then we can most certainly apply vinyl.

With this in mind we’ll coordinate an initial assessment if desired.

We’ll advise accordingly and more often than not a solution will always be sourced. 

Just some of our clients who have commissioned Wrapido for all apects of vinyl wrapping.